Company Profile

Praana Energy Private Limited (PEPL) has been involved in the manufacture of standardised herbal and natural extracts since a decade. Over a period, we have developed excellent process technologies to extract the active compounds in an efficient manner. Steady focus on quality helps us bring out the best of active compounds from the ingredients.

The company specializes in manufacturing Garcinia 50% , 60% and 70% HCA standard grades and granular form. Turmeric extract Curcumin, Coleus 10%, 20% and 95%, Bacopa Bacosides 50%, and Ashwagandha extract. Our state of the art manufacturing facilty is located in southern part of India.

During the past decade we have recognized that the stakeholders in the nutraceutical industry, whether it is the raw material suppliers, distributors or formulators, are keen on establishing a long-term relationship. With the growing demand in the market for natural extracts, there is a need for continuous supply of ingredients without compromising on the quality of the raw material. To ensure traceability of the ingredients used We are entering into strategic partnerships with agri-management companies working with farmers encouraging ethical sourcing, sustainable farming practices and fair trade.

Experts at Praana Energy have hands on experience in identifying and locating various herbs and ingredients. A good command on quality control and quality assurance aspects, helps us in offering best in class extracts.

Mission Statement

At Praana we believe in quality. The extracts are standardised according to latest quality standards, the extracts are of utmost purity and free of any binders and additives. The quality of the ingredient is checked from the level of raw material stage and passes through stringent quality parameters at each level till the final stages of production. We have tie-ups with quality conscious raw material suppliers and care is taken to procure only the best of raw material is procured from the markets. We at Praana keep abreast of the advances taking place in the technology space and adapt to new production technologies to upgrade our products on regular basis.


Praana Energy (India) Private Limited

126, Road No 15,
Prashasan Nagar,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500096,
Telangana - INDIA.